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Residential Painting

Our goal for your residential paint job is to deliver top quality work in a timely manner. We understand that having a paint job done on the interior of your house can cause an inconvenience and we strive to make the process as carefree for our customers as possible. When working on the interior of your home, we always respect and care for your home as if it’s our own.

Residential paint jobs can be done at any time of year and we will fit you into our schedule when it is most convenient for you! As always, we use only the best quality paint products in your home. Our consultation is always available for any products you may have in mind to be used and also for choosing colors if you have not yet decided on your own.

This is the typical process of an interior paint job:

Set up – Most furniture will be moved unless not possible. Otherwise it will be covered. Floors will be covered with drop cloths.
Preparation – Holes and cracks will be filled and trim will be caulked. Any sanding necessary to create a smooth surface will be done before applying paint. Stain blocker and primer will be used where necessary.
Painting – After priming where necessary (if needed), the painting will begin. Painters will use the proper tools and techniques required for your specific job.

Clean up – We believe that clean up is the most important part of an interior job. After our clean up, your home should look even cleaner than it did before we started our work.

Inspection – All work will be fully inspected to confirm that it meets our high standard for top quality craftsmanship and to ensure that all work listed your proposal has been completed in full.